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If there is anything we can do to help you, please ask. Our ministry here at Trinity is growing every week. Our calendar is updated all the time. Please make it a habit to check it regularly. This program allows you to send invitations to friends for upcoming events.

At Trinity we welcome everyone to our events and Bible Studies. You do not need to be a member of Trinity to participate. Please feel free to join us for worship or any of our activities. Read our newsletter, Trinity Tidings, for the most current information.


Pastor Amy Waelchli

Check out our new training videos.  It's a great way to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Trinity.

What’s Happening at Trinity

Trinity Lutheran Church at Brewers Game 6/30/19

School supplies
School Kits for LWR

During the summer months, Trinity and congregations around the country will show our love for our global neighbors by preparing School Kits to donate to Lutheran World Relief for distribution to children in need around the world. Individuals that would like to help provide us with the items necessary for these backpacks, can use the list from the Tidings when purchasing the supplies. The supplies should be put into a plastic bag, labeling it LWR School Kit. Kits can be placed in the blue bin in the education hallway during the summer months, up until Rally Day.

Youth van
Summer Youth Trip

The Summer Service Trip is in just a few short weeks!
We are looking for Prayer Buddies.

Every day on our trip at 7 p.m. we stop and pray for the people we have served, the world, each other and the people we love. We have stopped in a cave and prayed, we have stopped at the movie theater and prayed. Wherever we are at 7 p.m. that’s where we pray. Then we call our prayer buddy and chat about our day and the work we have done. All you have to do is also stop at 7 p.m., say a prayer in kind and wait for us to call you for a quick chat. If you are interested, please contact Kitty or pick up a Prayer Buddy form at the office and hand it back in before July 15.

Please join us on our sending Worship service on Thursday, July 25