Welcome to Confirmation!

Confirmation is an optional two-year learning experience for students in grades 7 and 8. It’s full of hands-on Bible time, large and small group activities, food, spiritual practices, servant opportunities, retreats, and more.  It’s both serious and silly, fun and faithful, relational and relevant, formed around the promises made in Baptism. In fact, the Rite of Confirmation is officially titled “The Affirmation of Baptism.” This is the time your student gets to say, ‘You know what? All that stuff that my parents promised when I was baptized? I totally believe it!’ We hope you and your student will participate!

As of today, this year’s class will all be in-person only.

You do not need to be a member of Trinity to attend Confirmation classes.


Our email address for confirmation is:

If you haven’t visited our Confirmation Facebook page make sure to do so.  It is a closed group and I have invited all current students via email.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Sermon Notes

Did you forget to turn in your sermon note?  Download the Sermon Notes From below, fill it out and turn it in to the office. Sermon notes will only be accepted for attending church service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.

Links and Downloads

Sermon Notes Form

Confirmation Registration Form


85% Class Attendance (19 out of 23 classes)

30 Worship Notes

  • 15 notes per year. Fill one out every time you come to worship.

 Annual Service Projects

  •   You will be required to participate in our class service project, The Little Food Pantry.  Your family will be responsible for taking care of the pantry a couple of times throughout the year.
  • You will be required to come up with your own service project, that you may do with a friend.

It is strongly suggested that you attend at least 3 of these worship/congregational life events:

  • Rally Day + God’s Work, Our Hands Day of Service (9/11)
  • Thanksgiving – Pie Fest
  • Blue Christmas (12/12)
  • Annual Meeting (1/30/22)
  • Ash Wednesday (3/2/22)
  • Palm Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday (4/14/22)
  • Good Friday (4/15/22)
  • Semi-Annual Meeting (August)

Confirmation Camp – Trinity will pay for the majority of camp.  Camp will be in June and will be at Imago Dei Village in Clintonville.  Either Pastor Amy, Kitty or both will attend as well.


Confirmation Registration – Every family is required to attend a meeting at the beginning of Confirmation to talk about expectations and to review the requirements of the program.  Please contact Kitty to schedule your meeting.
9/14    Class with Kitty 5:00-6:15
9/21    Class with Pastor Amy 5:00 – 6:15
9/28    Class with Kitty  5:00-6:15
10/5    Class with Kitty 5:00-6:15
10/12  Class with Pastor Amy  5:00-6:15

10/16  Youth Sunday  8:45 – 10:00am

10/23  Confirmation Sunday  8:45 – 10:00am  8th graders will host a reception for 9th graders being confirmed.
10/26  Class with Pastor Amy 5:00-6:15
11/2   Class with Kitty  5:00-6:15

11/4   Breakfast with Kitty and Worship   8:30am – 10:00am
11/9   Class with Pastor Amy  5:00-6:15

11/16  Class with Kitty  5:00-6:15
12/7     Class with Pastor Amy  5:00-6:15
12/14   Christmas Party

12/14   Christmas program / Youth Sunday
1/4        Class with Pastor Amy   5:00-6:15
1/11   Class with Kitty   5:00-6:15
1/25    Class with Kitty   5:00-6:15
2/1     Class with Kitty
2/8      Class with Pastor Amy
2/22   ASH WEDNESDAY – Worship with the Youth Director
3/8     Class with Kitty   5:00-6:15
3/29   NO CLASS
4/2      PALM SUNDAY

4/5     MAUNDY THURSDAY – Worship with the Youth Director
4/6     GOOD FRIDAY – Worship with the Youth Director

4/7       Easter Sunday breakfast prep 10:00-12:00
4/8      EASTER SUNDAY   Breakfast servers 7:00-10:30am
4/12    Class with Pastor Amy  5:00- 6:15

4/19     Girl Talk 5:30-7:30 – special class for all girls includes pizza!
4/26    Class with Kitty    5:00-6:15

4/30    Breakfast with Kitty then Worship  8:30- 10:00am

5/3       Class with Pastor Amy   5:00- 6:15

5/10     Class with Kitty    5:00- 6:15

June – Confirmation camp to Imago Dei  (dates to be determined)