Tidings 10/01/22

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A Message from Pastor Madeline

Madeline BurbankEarlier this month, I visited a family who keeps the practice of measuring everyone’s height on the doorway. The lines of black sharpie track how much the children are growing, but someone had even added one mark low to the ground, where the dog smiled up, as big as it would ever get.

Taking in the whole display, it was surprising to see how much growth sometimes happened in such a short amount of time. Lines were sizable inches apart, but dates were separated by mere months; lines inching closer to the ceiling, the closer they got to the present. I marveled at the idea of expanding bone and layers of muscle, healed scars and summer memories, so much packed into space between two inches and two months.

I could also imagine the parents’ stress with back-to-school shopping and trying to find shoes when the old ones no longer fit, and the new ones will last only until the next growth spurt. Sometimes, growth can feel like bad timing, lop-sided or gangly or awkward, even when we’re grateful for it and feel stronger in the end.

It makes me wonder how we welcome such growth in our church. When we hire new staff and expand personnel, when we decide it’s time for updated TVs in Sunday School classrooms fit for the digital age, when we welcome new worshippers — there can be growing pains and extra expenses and newfound questions.

It’s tempting to view growth as a solution. “If I was another foot taller, I could reach that shelf.” “If more people joined our congregation, we could afford more resources.” But growth isn’t a solution. We already have the tools we need for this moment of discovery and growth. Ultimately, growth is an extension of who we already are, not rescue from inadequacies we fear. And I’m so grateful to accompany Trinity in achieving the fullest expression of who we already are, as a living community of Christ.

Pastor Madeline

Fall 2022 Worship Schedule

Christmas program planning

Faith as Rebellion

Sunday School

All 4K-6th grade students receive a new bible during worship,
on Bible Sunday, October 9.

Acolyte Training October 9: 5th graders during Sunday School,
will be trained in acolyte duties (candles, offering, trays). The
following Sunday, October 16, together we will bless the new
acolytes and charge them in their responsibilities during

Book Discussion

Wednesday book group is reading Anxious for Nothing by pastor and
author Max Lacado. The book overview states: Pastor Lacado “shares the
story of the apostle Paul in a new light, giving us everyday insights into
how we can all replace our angst and trepidation with true gratitude and

Come join Candy, Terry and Maria as they discuss this book several
chapters at a time. Cost for the paperback is $10, but as always, the church
will help with the cost if needed.

Advent Devotions

Prepare your heart for the gift of Jesus by following daily readings in The Way
of Love Bible Challenge. We’ll meet over lunch on Mondays for discussion.
Sign up now for your copy of the devotion book by emailing
office@trinityfort.org. Cost is $13 and, as always, the church will help with
cost if needed. Registration closes October 19.

Meeting Dates: November 7, 14, 21 and December 5 and 12.
Meeting Time: 12 – 1 p.m.
Meeting Location: Large Group Classroom

Bring your lunch! Bring a friend! Let’s grow in the love of God!

Women's Retreat

Prayer Force

Worship Volunteer

How can I help?

Inside mailbox

Trudy’s Room

Becky Tuttle is looking for a few volunteers to help sort donated children’s clothing and change out seasonal clothes.

We need 3 to 4 volunteers for two time slots (about 1-1/2 to 2- hours each). She will plan dates according to what works for volunteers. Contact the church office if you’re able to help.

Fort Atkinson Food Pantry

Some of you may remember attending an informational meeting about our local food pantry led by our church representative, Gary Thom. One initiative he spoke of was ‘Smarty Packs’ and that seemed to interest a lot of people who wanted to know how to help.

Each week the food pantry puts together just over 100 smarty packs to deliver to our local schools. Kids whose families are experiencing food insecurities find them in their baskets/lockers at the end of the day, one day each week. The packs contain items such as oatmeal, granola bar, instant mac and cheese as well as other items. These help ensure our students receive extra nutrition to help them succeed in school.

Over 9 million kids in the US experience food insecurity which often causes learning deficits. I am proud that our local food pantry is working to help local students. In the month of October you can help by donating instant mac and cheese pouches, granola bars and instant oatmeal packs to help the food pantry with this initiative. There will be a collection box near the east entrance and examples of items will be available.

Thanks for your continued generosity supporting our local food pantry!

Candy Milan

Volunteers Needed

St. Vincent De Paul can use volunteers of all kinds — whether you have just a few hours here and there or would like to volunteer on a regular basis, your help is appreciated.

We are located at 1525 Summit Drive, Fort Atkinson.

Please consider sharing your time and talents to support those in need within our community.

Contact Bill Roberts at 920-563-5343. We thank you!

Special Worship Dates


Sunday, October 23

Wear the color RED!
Sunday, October 30

Sunday, November 22

Tuesday, November 6

“Hanging of the Greens”
Sunday, November 27, after worship


Sunday, December 18, during worship

Saturday, December 24
Three service options:
4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m.