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A Message from Pastor Amy

Pastor Amy WaelchliThis summer we started hosting vaccine clinics with SSM Health. A team of nurses from the Madison area came to Trinity with every type of COVID-19 vaccine available. They answered questions, broke the ice, listened well, and gave shots.

One nurse who came, Lori, approached me at the first clinic and asked if we keep records of baptisms, funerals, and weddings. Do we ever! We have over-large ledgers in a fireproof cabinet that go back to February 16, 1943 when 9 people serving as a board of directors incorporated Trinity Lutheran Church. Since then we’ve kept a paper account of every baptism, funeral,wedding, confirmation, and member. (It’s a BIG book.)

As it happens, Nurse Lori’s mother was raised at Trinity and her grandparents were some of the first members. Lori herself was raised outside Madison attending a Lutheran congregation in her hometown. But when she found herself at her mom’s childhood church, she wanted to know if there was any record. So we spent some time together going through the ledgers. We found the notations of the family’s joining Trinity and of her grandparent’s funerals. Lori took photos and even called her brother to share where she was and what she found. They were so excited to have this information, this proof that once-upon-a-time their mom was a little girl in this place learning about Jesus’ love just like she taught them.

This experience got me thinking about church history. In churches, we’re record keepers. This is why people on genealogical adventures troll through church archives because all people were recorded. All people: rich or poor, old or young, any gender or race. The life events of people were marked down. Who did they marry? The church knows. When was the baby born? The church has that down, too. Where are they buried? Yep, we have a record of it.

The church is excellent at remembering, at hanging on to records to help you trace family history. But I wonder what it would look like if we traced the church’s genealogy. After being raised at Trinity, Nurse Lori’s mom left the area for marriage, work, and family. She raised her own kids in the Christian faith, to know and to love Jesus. Nurse Lori kept the faith going with her own family (we visited at length) and returned to Trinity to look at the records. Trinity – where part of her faith story began.

Stop and consider how you came to be at Trinity. What are your ‘church roots?’ Were you raised here? Who, blood relative or not, brought you to faith? Who taught you about Jesus? That’s your faith family. Where did you take that love? Who have you shared Jesus with? That is your faith legacy.

Just like a family tree, Trinity’s genealogy has a long reaching impact. It reaches through time into the past, pointing to our faith ancestors. It reaches across miles and states and even oceans as we trace where our children have ended up. It reaches into the future, blessing the world with the love of Jesus in ways we’ve yet to imagine. I think we’d be amazed to count the number of other churches, communities, and lives impacted by Trinity Lutheran Church.

Trinity Lutheran Church is a living community of Christ. Here we grow in the love of Jesus. We plant the seeds of faith in one another. We share our gifts and bless others with our talents. We cheer people on, praying for their life events even as they move away from Trinity to other places. This is a blessing we give to Christ’s church, which allows for growth and abundance.Because of this heart for community, we rejoice in the movement of the Spirit and of people for everywhere they go, God IS.

In peace,

Pastor Amy

God’s Work. Our Hands. Sept. 12

It’s not too late–you can still sign up for God’s Work. Our Hands! Signups are on the table by the church office. You can also contact the office to sign up during the week. All are welcome!

Also, we are still in need of empty ice cream buckets! Bring yours in to worship or during regular office hours!

Hiking/Fellowship Event

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2020 at 10:30 a.m., meet at the Dorothy Carnes Park East parking lot on Jones Lane just off of Banker Road, north of Fort Atkinson.


At the entrance, visitors will notice a log cabin restoration project in progress along with multiple farmstead buildings. Hearty Gardens, a community garden, makes its home here too. Visitors will find beautiful, groomed trails with restroom facilities. This is also the trail head for two walk-in, rustic camping sites. Existing Facilities – Parking lot, trails, shelter, electricity, hand pump, picnic tables, restrooms, benches, observation deck, woods, prairie, grassland and wetland. Bring your face mask for using the toilets if you are more comfortable.

Bring a water bottle, trekking poles or walking stick if you have/want them, snacks in case you need an energy pickup, sunscreen, bug spray, hat and/or sunglasses. If you are more comfortable, you may also wear a face mask.

We’ll be hiking about 3-4 miles in the 514 acre conservation park. It consists of 198 acres of prairie,108 acres of Oak Savannah, 76 acres of agricultural land and 90 acres of wetland.

The park surrounds Rose Lake marsh, one of the most diverse bird areas in the county. 480 of the 514 acres is also designated as the Rose Lake State Natural Area, due to its outstanding examples of native natural communities, significant geological formations and archaeological sites.

We will likely go out for lunch afterwards for those that have extra time and are comfortable with this.

Any questions, please contact Aurelio at callopeAnD86@gmail.com or 262-490-4923.

Join STAR!

starIf you think you have no craft talent, let us help you find one.

We meet once a month to Serve Trinity Area Residents. Sign up or watch the Tidings for our meeting info or call/talk to Sharon Armstrong or Kay Falk.
We especially need help repairing or replacing the Chrismon for the church Christmas Tree.

‘The Bible Tells Me So’ Adult Book Study

Have you ever started reading the Bible and wondered, ‘Why is it full of violence?’ ‘Why would God do/say that?’ How do we reconcile what is in the Bible with what it means for us today? This class is for anyone with questions about the Bible, God, or faith. It is for anyone who is comfortable with the Bible, God, or faith. It is, truly, for anyone.

In our 7 sessions, we will use the book and video series from author and theologian Pete Enns. “The Bible Tells Me So chronicles Enns’s spiritual odyssey, how he came to see beyond restrictive doctrine and learned to embrace God’s Word as it is actually written.”

Copies of the book will be ordered by the church upon registration. Books are $17, and you can pay by cash or check. Please bring your payment for the book to the first class.

Sign up now to join Pastor Amy on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. (in person) or 6:30 p.m. (online) for The Bible Tells Me So. Classes will be 60-90 minutes long.

Sept. 13, Sept. 20, Oct. 4, Oct. 11, Oct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 1

Gather in the sanctuary at 11:30 a.m. for the video. We will adjourn to the large group classroom for conversation. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Zoom capability required.
All are welcome to join this class – invite a friend!

Personal Care Kits and School Kits Update

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for you generosity in the donations for the care kits and school kits. Thank you one and all for donating completed school kits, school supplies and personal care kits.

If you still would like to donate completed school and personal care kits, we will gladly accept those kits until Sunday, Sept. 12, at which time we will be putting the kits together and packing the kits. Our deadline for delivery is Saturday, Sept. 18, in Madison.

Ruth Circle

Ruth Circle would like to invite anyone who would be interested in joining us for Bible Study starting on Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. in the conference room across from the Hearth Room Kitchen.

We will do our best to social distance and if you would like to wear a face mask you are welcome to do so.

Our Bible Study for September: The gift of the Spirit: A divine wild goose chase. The goal of this study is to deepen our understanding of the Holy Spirit’s actions in Scripture and in our lives. There will be copies of the study available in the church office after Labor Day.

We hope that you will join us on Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. Any questions, please contact Stephanie Beran at sfberan@charter.net or cell: 920-723-4867.

Thank You

Thank you to Suzi George, Fran Frandson and Stephanie Beran for freshening the Assistant Ministers and Acolyte robes. They are ready for service.

Choir Rehearsal

Choir rehearsal will resume on Sept. 8 at 7 p.m.!

Fellowship Event – Ziplining in Wisconsin Dells

Saturday, Oct. 16 at 1 p.m.

Here is another fellowship activity that I hope we can get a group to go on. I did some research on local zipline tours and this is the one that I would recommend. It’s in the Dells:


Please take a look at the options and watch the videos. Peak 1 has some beginner lines to teach you how to brake. As you can see, it only takes 5 people to get the price reduced to $89/person. There is a rope bridge at the very end of the Peak 1 tour that is about 15 feet off the ground. The guy told me that if you are comfortable doing the zipline, it’s unusual for someone not to be able to make it over the bridge. You are tethered to a line so even if you fall, you won’t go to the ground. Additional lines on Peak 2 can be added if anyone is interested in adding to the package. Michele and I would probably want to do that. The guy I talked to suggested Oct. 9 and 16 as two of the best weekends in the year for this because the leaves are changing color. We have plans on the 9th, so I would like to book this for Saturday Oct. 16 at 1 p.m. He said that we can do Peak 1 and decide that day when we finish if anyone wants to add the Peak 2 lines. I’m not sure if we do that how many total lines we would go on. I’ll have to call to find that out. I know it wasn’t an additional 14. I think there are some lines that are part of both tours.

Please let me know if you are interested and available to participate at
vonstout@yahoo.com. I would like to book it before Friday Sept. 24.


Eric Stoutenborough

Keep Those Quarters Coming!

The UPAVIM Community Development Foundation has the goal of providing 350 scholarships for the UPAVIM school students this coming year. Each $63 scholarship provides what a student needs to attend school and helps keep the tutoring center open for the whole community (many parents are learning to read along with their children).

Amount raised: $826.68 (as of 9/1)

Our goal: $1260 (equivalent to 20 scholarships)

New Member Class Starting Soon

Do you attend Trinity but aren’t a member yet? Are you interested in becoming a member? We will have a new members class coming soon! More information about the class will be available soon!

Offering Envelopes

If you have previously received offering envelopes but would no longer like to receive them, or if you do not currently receive offering envelopes but would like to, please let the church office know by Oct. 31.

If you have moved in the last 6 months, please let the church know of your new address so that our records can be updated.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Hunger Catechism – Sept. 19-Oct. 24
Join Pastor Amy between services on Sundays in a Bible study looking at the catechism. See the description from the ELCA below for more info:

“The Hunger Catechisms are intended to encourage understanding of the Small and Large Catechisms as they relate to our faith, our personal life and our public life.

Each lesson begins with Martin Luther’s interpretations in both the Small and Large Catechisms and discusses their spiritual implications and social applications. At the end of each lesson is an example of how the ELCA is working alongside neighbors within the U.S. and around the world through the ministry of ELCA World Hunger.”

Prayers Requested For . . .

Terry Badura, Ron and Marian Capek, Don Clark, Chris Falk, Ethel Fischer, Nick and Marisa Fluture, Helen Haase, Ron Kemmerling, Richard Klinkowitz, Bob Kyle, Phyllis Lange, Joy Lee, Barb Manwaring, Dan Morrow, Pam Nicholas, Joanne Nordeen, Debbie Pierce, Violet Prust, Harold Rumppe, John Sanders, Ruth Smithback, Olaf Stokstad, Nancy Streich, Ken Strese, Suzanne, John Toso, Kay Woods, Keith Woods, Tony and Debbie Zick.

Do you have a prayer concern? Email the prayer force at prayerforcetlc@gmail.com. People will gladly pray for you or your loved one with their whole hearts!