Tidings 05/12/22

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A Message from Pastor Amy

Pastor Amy WaelchliAfter four years of crisis leadership and almost two years after my new call here, I feel that I’m finally serving as Lead Pastor at Trinity. Twice now, I’ve been lovingly called by you to serve as your Pastor and I’m glad to be here. You are a congregation with a meaningful past. I did not know you 15 years ago, but I hear frequent stories of what things were like then. In these stories of what was, I hear longing, and a little lament, that things have changed. What starts as a happy reminiscence sometimes ends with sadness and an urgency to return to former ways.

With love, I really wish you could see who you are today, who I know you to be. You’re a congregation of burgeoning leaders – many people are working hard to help care for the people and property at Trinity. You’re a congregation that is teaching – you’re naming Jesus as our source and sustenance.

You’re also a congregation that is learning – not just in various classes, but in your understanding and practice of The Body of Christ/The Priesthood of All Believers/The Role of the Laity. These church phrases mean that you have both the right and responsibility to be leaders, volunteer, and serve on Ministry Teams. In real time, I’m watching you grow as leaders in a sacred space. I’ve witnessed you understand and unlearn past practices while seeking to be a healthier community.

The role of Pastor is, quite literally, to guide and spiritually feed a congregation. The word Pastor is related to pasture. As your Pastor, I believe my call is to help you become strong – in faith, in leadership, and in loving God and neighbors. I’m attempting to guide and spiritually feed to the best of my abilities. I also believe Pastors should consider themselves nomads in any given pasture. Our job is to ensure that ministry and mercy thrive, compassion and community continue no matter who is called Pastor.

Don’t panic. I’m not leaving.

I am, however, letting you know that my theology of Pastoring, my ministry among you will continue to focus on equipping you as leaders with my focus on communication and organization. The role of Pastor (or Office Administrator, or Director of Youth Ministry, or Visitation Minister, or Musician) is already full to bursting. Amid your response to God’s call, we need your leadership now more than ever. Not just ideas, but the willingness to serve one another – not because you need something more to do but because we can do so much in the name of Jesus together.

I believe this community (both Trinity and Fort Atkinson) needs our particular presence and leadership because we exist, we serve in the name of Jesus, in His love, by His mercy. I’m blessed and inspired to witness you grow in this understanding in real time!

Trinity, as you are right now, you are beautiful. The history of this congregation is important but I’m honored to be called to this congregation as it is today. I’m excited to follow the Holy Spirit’s call on us into the future God holds.

With love,

Pastor Amy

Summer Sunday Schedule Begins 5/29

sunburst8:30 a.m. Coffee & Conversation
Hearth Room & Patio

9:00 a.m. Worship

10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Coffee & Conversation

Bubbles & Sidewalk Chalk provided for patio play!

Pentecost Project – Helpers Needed

This is an example of OrigamiPastor Amy and Anders Clarksen (they/them) need help making origami doves. Don’t know how? That’s okay! We will walk you through it. Only skills needed are a willing heart and ability to fold paper. Meet Pastor Amy: between services on Sunday 5/22, Tuesday 5/24 at 11 a.m., and/or Thursday 5/26 at 5:45 p.m. You’ll learn to make origami doves and why doves depict the Holy Spirit. All ages needed and wanted!

Pentecost plus Senior Sunday – June 5

Come to pray over graduating students, enjoy coffee and cupcakes before and after worship, and see our Pentecost art installation!

Now more than ever, quarters make a difference

With May, the quarter container for donations reappears. Look for it on the table in the Narthex as you enter the sanctuary. Remember that all monies given will go to provide scholarships to the UPAVIM school in a former garbage dump area outside Guatemala City. Many children cannot afford the uniform and school supplies to attend school without these scholarships. More than half this country’s population is affected by poverty. There are gangs and violence on the streets, but the UPAVIM school is a safe oasis where children and the community can learn. The co-operative also offers the community daycare, health and dental care, a library, a soy milk facility and a bakery – all because a few women and a U.S. Lutheran woman began to work together to improve their children’s health.

Please give generously each time you come to worship. Even your loose change can make a big impact on young lives and help end the cycle of poverty they are born into. You can also donate regularly via Tithely. Thank you for being God’s hands to the “least of these.

Ron Kemmerling Memorial Coffee Hour

Coffee cupOn Saturday, May 14, 2022, friends of Ron Kemmerling are gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church in the Hearth Room to share memories of Ron. You are invited to join Ron’s friends from 2:00-4:00 p.m. to share stories and honor the memory of Ron.

Now Hiring: Summer Mowing

We are in need of someone to mow the lawn at the church this summer. This is a great opportunity for someone (adult or teen) to make some extra money! Our rate is usually $60/session, but we’re open to negotiations! If you or your teen are interested in this job, please contact the office as soon as possible!

Important Notice!

Railings outside of the building will soon be taken down for maintenance . Please use caution while using the stairs, or use door #7 at the top of the parking lot. The railings will return shortly.

Meals on Wheels volunteers needed

Sign up to help deliver meals to home-bound Fort Atkinson residents during the month of June! Contact Toni Hrobsky at 920-728-2383 or tonihrobsky@yahoo.com with questions or to sign up.

LIFT rummage sale

How to reach Pastor Madeline

Pastor MadelineI’d like to take a moment to highlight ways to be in contact with me, with gratitude for all the ways people have already reached out, including conversations before and after worship services. It’s so wonderful to meet each other!

Whether or not we have met each other yet, you are invited to arrange 1-on-1 time or family meetings so we have more opportunities to get to know each other better! This is especially helpful in the first few months of being new to the community. You can call 920-563- 4145 (Extension 2) or email me at pastormadeline@trinityfort.org to set up a time.

All year round, if you have joys to celebrate or sorrows needing pastoral care, I want to be there for you, pray with you, and keep you connected in a community guided by God’s love and our support for each other. That includes hearing about recipes you’ve tried and teams you’re following. That includes knowing the afterschool activities you attend to cheer on kids and teens in your life. That includes being a compassionate listener about anything that feels upsetting or difficult to navigate. You are not alone. Never hesitate to reach out for care!

In Christ,

Pastor Madeline

Visitation Ministry

It has been a little over a year that I have had the honor to share Scripture readings, prayers and offer communion to members in their homes. I also spend time chatting and getting to know you a bit better. If you would like to be added to the visitation list, please call the church office at 920-563- 4145 and I will get in contact with you.

Thank you,

Julie Vurva
Visitation Ministry

Thanks from Council

The Trinity Council would like to thank everyone who participated in the 1st Annual Trinity Jubilee. It was great fun and a way to shine a light on the talents and gifts of members, share wonderful food, and have meaningful social interaction that we missed during COVID. We learned so much more about people that we commune with. Trinity is truly blessed and we look forward to our 2nd event next spring!

Thank you so much!

The Lenten collection for the Fort Atkinson Homeless Coalition surpassed expectations (and isn’t that just like God, and Trinity Lutheran Church)! Through your generosity, our offerings during this special season netted $5,666 for the local, much needed ministry. The STAR group thanks you from the bottom of our hearts, and so does FAHC!

STAR is looking for more members!

Just one requirement: wanting to work and play with fellow members to do good for our church community, our neighbors in need, and to share God’s Love.

Prayers requested for . . .

John Burbank (father of Pastor Madeline), Dolores Buckingham, Paul Fuller (father of Nate Fuller), Curtis Hoeffer.

Do you have a prayer concern? Email the prayer force at prayerforcetlc@gmail.com. People will gladly pray for you or your loved one with their whole hearts!