Adults & Families Activities

Women’s Retreat: October 23-24

Come to our women’s retreat at Lutherdale! Cost is $140/person and includes a double/triple occupancy room, meals, and activities. Sign up for the retreat here.

2021-2022 Sunday School Registration

Click here to register your child for Sunday School for the 2021-2022 school year.

VBS – August 17-19, 2021

VBS is August 17, 18 & 19 from 5:30pm to 7:15 pm and is for all ages!

Family, Adult, Kid and Group components.

It will be so much fun!

Please register individually for each person in your family.

Each night, we will start with dinner followed by activities and then a group time.

Come as a family, come alone, drop off the kids, whatever way works best for you!

Click Here To Register

Christmas Neighbors

Christmas Neighbors, just like everything else, is different this year!

To contribute to Christmas Neighbors you can:

  • Go to the sign up genius link below that best fits what you’re looking for.  I have separated donations by category.  Just go to that sign up genius and put your name in the box that you want to donate to.  That will tell me and others that tag is taken.  Then just bring your donation back to church by the date on that signup.  All gifts need to be back to church unwrapped by Wednesday, December 16.  Hams, turkeys, food donations and toiletries don’t need to be here until Sunday, December 20th.
  • You can also donate money and I’ll do the shopping for you.
  • I will be available any time during Drive Thru Communion to help you and to take monetary donations.
  • I will have a few gift tags available on Sunday morning Drive Thru communion if you would like to find one that way.  Be sure to ask!

Thanks so much for supporting our 14 families!

Toiletry Sign Up:
Ham or Turkey Sign Up:
Mom and Dad Sign Up:
Kid Sign Up:
Monetary Donation for Food:

Drive-Thru Communion Caroling

We are looking for families to sing carols during Drive Thru Communion on Sunday, December 20th and on Christmas eve. We have divided each of these into 20 minute segments. If your family is interested, please sign up here or call the office.

Gift Card Sales

It’s going to be much harder to shop for Christmas this year. Gift cards are a perfect solution!

Any gift card purchased through Trinity provides a percentage of the card’s value to youth programming. For example: You buy a card worth $25. The company we buy them through gives us 5% of that value and you still get the $25 card. Win Win!!

All you have to do is check out the master list of retailers and choose the gift cards that you want. Then, send drop off your order at church any time during business hours or at Drive Thru Communion.  The orders will be placed each Monday through Monday December 14th.

Please include the following for your order:

  • Your name
  • Your Phone number
  • The retailer/s that you want and the number of cards and the amount of the card.
  • Total your card amounts and include your payment.
    • i.e. Target  (2)   $20
    • Menards (1) $10
    • Visa (4) $100
    • Total  $450

Click here to view the list of retailers.

Kitty will call you when your cards are here and you can pick them up during regular office hours or Drive Thru Communion.

Thanks for supporting Trinity Youth!

Drive-Thru Communion Christmas Cookies

Church Chicks will be handing out bags of homemade Christmas Cookies at Drive Thru Communion on Thursday, December 6th and Sunday, December 13th!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Virtual Christmas Cards

Let’s say Merry Christmas to each other virtually this year! Gather your family around your Christmas tree or in the snow, or anywhere you like, and record yourselves sending a Christmas message. All you have to do is say Merry Christmas from your family, introduce yourselves and have some fun!

Please limit your recording to under 2 minutes. Once you send us your messages, we will compile them into a Trinity Virtual Christmas Card. Please email your messages to by December 6th.

Won’t it be great to see everyone’s faces?!

Virtual Christmas Recital

Help spread Christmas joy by showcasing the talents you have been blessed with! Send us a video of you or a group singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or even performing a dramatic reading. If you cannot record your performance on your own, then don’t worry, we can record for you! Please let Sarah in the office know you need assistance. The recital will premiere online on December 20th.

Please follow these guidelines:
– All entries must be sent in by December 10th to be included in the recital.
– All performances should be less than 5 minutes.
– Sign up online or over the phone with your act.
– You must provide your own festive music/accompaniment.
– Please keep in mind that this recital will be posted online.

Sign up using the link below, or by calling the church at 920-563-4145 during regular office hours.

Christmas Cookies – Bakers Needed

Do you love to make Christmas cookies? We are looking for people to bake 2 dozen Christmas cookies each. Please individually wrap the cookies.

Church chicks will be passing them out at drive thru communion on Thursday, December 10th and Sunday, December 13th. Please bring your individually wrapped cookies to church between December 6th and 10th.


Support Fort Scavenger Hunt

When you frequent a Fort Atkinson business during the month of November, take a picture of your purchase.

Share it to the Trinity Facebook page or email it to

Make sure your faces are in the picture.

The first 3 person/s to send in 10 pictures will win a $25chamber bucks certificate!

5K Your Way

Run, Walk, Bike, Hike, Skateboard, Rollerblade, Swim or even Drive if you need to!

Log in your 5K anytime the weekend of Thursday, October 22nd thru Monday, October 26th.

Be sure to send pics of you and/or your group. They will be posted on the Trinity Instagram and Facebook pages.

Let’s get moving!

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