Sunday School at Trinity

Welcome to Sunday School

Trinity Lutheran Church, Fort Atkinson, WI

Trinity offers Sunday school for children who are currently enrolled in a 4K class through 6th grade. The programming for the 2020-2021 Sunday school season is reflective of the unique challenges of Covid 19.
We are offering Sunday School in a Bag. Every 4 weeks a new Bible story will be featured, along with a bag of engaging activities to help families explore the story at home. Activities will include several of the following, arts and crafts, science, cooking, games and storytelling.

Further information can be found when you click into the Sunday school registration form found of the front page of the church web page. We are offering several options for participating in our Sunday School in a Bag program. Choose whichever option works best for your family. All three options will be available simultaneously throughout this Sunday school season.

You do not need to be a member of Trinity to participate. We do ask that you fill out a registration form, which will let us know the ages of your children and how to contact you.

The unique challenges of Covid 19 requires us to be very flexible, which may include unforeseen changes. Due to this, we will strive to communicate clearly to you any changes that will impact our current Sunday school planning. If your contact information has changed, please send your updated information to:

The Sunday school program has a Facebook group. The purpose of this social media page is to provide an interactive forum where families can gather and receive information about activities and events involving Trinity Lutheran Sunday school. In Facebook, search for Trinity Lutheran Fort Atkinson Sunday School and request to join.

If you are looking for information on programming for students in grades 7 and 8, please see information about our Confirmation program.

For further information about Sunday school at Trinity, please contact the church office at 920-563-4145, ask for Julie or leave a message on extension #4.

Schedule for receiving your family Sunday School in a Bag:

There are several options for how to receive your activity bags.

Families that registered their child(ren) to participate in our once a month in-person option, they will receive an activity bag to take home on the following dates.

Families that registered their child(ren) to receive their activity bags during drive-up communion, they will also receive their activity bags on the following dates.

Families may call the church (920-563-4145) and schedule a pick up time, if these dates do not for them.

**If we can not meet in person, or drive up communion is not scheduled on one of these dates; we will still use these dates for distribution.

Sept. 13

Oct. 11

Nov. 8

Dec. 6

Jan. 10

Feb. 7

March 7

April 11

May 9