Annual Meeting Notice 2019

Annual Meeting Notice

January 20 at 9:30 am – Between Services in the Sanctuary

At both worship services, Pastor Amy will lead the congregation in an examination of our spiritual gifts and how we might use them in practical ways for service of God, the church, and our neighbors. This is an important step into God’s future together!

Is That Poop on My Arm? Parenting While Christian

Are you a new parent? A parent of young children?

Join Pastor Amy in reading and discussing this great book that looks at our Christian practices of raising our children in faith and the practical challenges and possibilities we face together. This is a funny read that reflects on our goals, mistakes, and learning as parents of faith.

We will start and end with in-person play group/meetings but due to the time constraints of all parents, this group will meet primarily online in a private Facebook group moderated by Pastor Amy.

RSVP to Pastor Amy by 1/25 and she will get you a copy of the book ($15.00) and add you to the group.

Book Pick Up & Play: February 2 at 9 am! Final play time: March 16 at 9 am.