09/18/22 Tidings

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A Message from Pastor Amy

Dear Trinity,

I’m writing to you just a few days before Rally Day. The plan is to worship in the park, share a meal, and do volunteer work in the community. However, it’s forecast to rain on Sunday, September 11. An 85% chance of rain is no match for the 3 months of planning, the phone calls & the meetings to set up projects, the volunteers ready to work, the people counting on us to help. Plans must change.

In all honesty, it doesn’t bother me too much anymore when things don’t go according to plan. Parenting taught me that it’s important to plan and prepare; but you’ll enjoy life more if you can punt.

Plan. Prepare. Punt.

These are life skills and come in handy as a Pastor, too. I usually see the Holy Spirit at work when I reflect back on a surprising shift in expectations. In my experience, some of the most important ministry happens when our plans change.

When it started sprinkling during the tailgate and I announced, ‘Let’s have communion,’ everyone started packing up. People picked up their folding chair, received the bread and wine, and moved on into the church to put the chairs away. The laughter! The camaraderie! What a great snapshot of the church at it’s best – being flexible with the unexpected and experiencing joy in it.

When Covid came, oh that was hard. And still, the joy of drive-thru communion; or, when I drove to every kindergartner’s house to give them their Bible; and, do you remember the online Christmas talent show? The gifts of connection as community showed up in surprising ways!

I feel like the only thing I can count on as a Pastor and person is that plans will change. When they do, if I pay attention, I see the Holy Spirit is at work in that very moment. Still, I don’t have 20/20 Spirit Vision.

When Covid came to my house in July and we couldn’t go to our year-in-the-planning family reunion, we were heartbroken. When weeks of caring for my family, cleaning, testing, supplying came to an end, I was exhausted. Probably the Holy Spirit was working to keep up my strength, but I’m still looking back on it to be sure. It’s not always easy to find the joy when plans change.

Plans change. The Holy Spirit is remains even when that’s hard for us to see. God bless you as you navigate all the changes in your lives.

With peace and joy,

Pastor Amy

Fall 2022 Worship Schedule

Sunday School is back in session!

With 30 students registered, our Fall Unit will be a great time making friends and asking big questions about Jesus. At 10 a.m. (or sooner if worship ends early), students will gather around the baptismal font for Large Group time in the Sanctuary. Then, we will split off into Small Groups according to grade level for games and lessons in the downstairs classrooms.

  • 4K+K Room 104, Teacher: Kaci Evenson
  • 1+2 Room 105, Teachers: Jill and Nate Fuller
  • 3+4 Room 112, Teacher: Kat Bastien
  • 5+6 Fellowship Hall Classroom, Teacher: Paul Waelchli

Email pastormadeline@trinityfort.org if you are interested in helping classrooms on a regular basis, or receiving orientation to serve as a substitute teacher, or if you still wish to sign up any students. Registration is always open!

A Message of Joy from a Band Member

For as long as I can remember, singing at church – hymns alongside my mother’s alto voice, or occasionally next to my Nan who couldn’t carry a tune but who loved the words, or in a choir, or beside my spouse in a duet, or with the members of our Trinity Band – brings the greatest meaning and joy to my worship. I have my favorite old hymns and I love adding new songs with the band.

COVID made sharing in worship more challenging, so Aurelio and I learned to record our duets even though we don’t like hearing ourselves in recordings, and the Waelchli boys worked their tech magic to include the songs in virtual services. It wasn’t quite like singing at church, but we were grateful for the opportunity to add to worship in some small way. When we were able to come together again for worship, I could feel the energy swell within me each time the band was able to play and sing for you.

And then we had our Rally Day on September 11. I’m grateful for the rain that forced us indoors. Why? Because our church building was full. Because singing for you means so much to me. Because singing is my best way to worship, and hearing all of you singing along as one community of believers was pure joy. Thank you for being a part of this very special community and for making my worship opportunity so meaningful. Thank you for allowing me to sing for you and with you.

Diana Callope

Ready to Ring?

The Bell Choir will start rehearsing for the upcoming season at 10:15 on Sunday Sept. 18 in the balcony. We welcome new members. Contact the office for info or join us for rehearsal!

Sunday Bible Study with Pastor Amy

Sunday Bible Study Sundays @ 10:15 a.m., Large Group Classroom with Pastor Amy

No prior experience necessary to join in this study. Come every Sunday or drop in when you can. Perfectly timed for parents with kids in Sunday School.

Coffee + Treats + God’s Word Nourishment

Book Discussion

Book Discussion Wednesdays @ 1:00, Large Group Classroom

Wednesday book group is reading Anxious for Nothing by pastor and author Max Lacado. The book overview states: Pastor Lacado “shares the story of the apostle Paul in a new light, giving us everyday insights into how we can all replace our angst and trepidation with true gratitude and peace.”

Come join Candy, Terry and Maria as they discuss this book several chapters at a time. Cost for the paperback is $10, but as always, the church will help with the cost if needed.

Advent Devotions

Prepare your heart for the gift of Jesus by following daily readings in The Way of Love Bible Challenge. We’ll meet over lunch on Mondays for discussion. Sign up now for your copy of the devotion book by emailing office@trinityfort.org. Cost is $13 and, as always, the church will help with cost if needed. Registration closes October 19.

  • Meeting Dates: Nov. 7, 14, 21 and Dec. 5 and 12.
  • Meeting Time: 12 – 1 pm
  • Meeting Location: Large Group Classroom

Bring your lunch! Bring a friend! Let’s grow in the love of God!

Faith Formation

“There have never yet been, nor are there now, too many good books.”
Martin Luther

Sunday School K-6 @ 10:10/after worship, Sanctuary

Women’s Bible Study @ 1:00 p.m., kitchen. 3rd Wednesday of every month

God’s Work. Our Hands.

The rain on Sept. 11 postponed several of our planned service projects. But we still managed 78 hours of volunteer work! Not bad for a morning! Approximately 100 School Kits and 300 Sunshine Kits are now ready for donation.

Thank you to the nearly 200 people who filled the sanctuary for worship! Breakfast after was well attended and yummy thanks to the kitchen crew. It was great to connect over a meal.


  • Painting the Arch at the Market 9/24 at 1 p.m.
  • River Walk & Trail Clean Up 9/25 at 11 a.m.

If you weren’t signed up, but want to help out please contact the office.

Quarters Jar

September Goal for the Quarter Jar
$250 or 1,000 quarters!
Every quarter makes a difference. They add up to education scholarships,
supplies, and safety for girls in Guatemala.
Upavim Craft Sale before/after Worship 11/22 & 12/4

Good Samaritan Fund & H.C.F.A.

The Homeless Coalition of Fort Atkinson is staffed administratively to help community members with emergency housing needs, like hotel vouchers. However, their funding is critically low.

Trinity gives approximately $500/month from the Good Samaritan Fund to help with those same emergency housing needs. This is the #1 category people request help with.

In order to support HCFA, help those in need, and steward financial & staff resources at Trinity, we now give $500/month earmarked for emergency housing to HCFA. Council approved this in August with the stipulation that it continue so long as there are funds. Because of your generous giving, Trinity’s Good Samaritan fund will still be able to help people in difficult times outside the HCFA emergency housing donation.

H.C.F.A. is accepting donations of:

  • Men’s jeans or jogging pants (any size)
  • Sleeping bags

‘Like New’ condition please (no rips or stains)
Drop off at Trinity

Trudy’s Room

Becky Tuttle is looking for a few volunteers to help sort donated children’s clothing and change out seasonal clothes. We need 3 to 4 volunteers for two time slots (about 1-1/2 to 2- hours each). She will plan dates according to what works for volunteers. Contact the church office if you’re able to help.

Women’s Retreat

Saturday, Nov. 5

Come join Julie and Kitty for a relaxing, rejuvenating, thought provoking, fun weekend!

To sign up, contact Julie, Kitty, or sign up online at trinityfort.org.

Financial assistance is available if needed.

LIFT Kickoff

Living in Faith Training for Senior High school students starts Sept. 28 at 6:30 p.m. Bring a friend for pizza and fun!

Introducing a Cup of TLC

A Cup of TLC provides you with a midday opportunity to participate in worship at Trinity along with a chance to visit while enjoying a healthy lunch. Pastor Amy, Pastor Madeline, Kitty and Julie will take turns leading. All located in the Hearth Room & Kitchenette which means no steps to navigate and minimal walking required. Cab Vouchers are available.

Meets the first Wednesday of the month starting Oct. 5 at 11 a.m. This is designed for those who would enjoy a smaller service or have mobility issues. RSVP / questions to Kitty or Julie at (920) 563-4145.

Prayer Force

Because prayer changes things

Members of the Prayer Force pray on their own in response to prayer requests, which are delivered to their email. The information shared in the email is supplied by the person making the request. Even when prayer requests are not specific, we pray. We pray because we trust that God knows and understands. If you want to join the Prayer Force or have a prayer request email prayerforcetlc@gmail.com.

Anyone with a heart of prayer is invited to join Pastor Amy in the sanctuary at 8 – 8:15 am on Sundays beginning September 18. This is an informal group but important group that will pray for the church, world, and all those in need.

How Can I Help?

Many of you ask, “How can I help?” One easy way to help is to promptly sign-up for the Volunteer opportunities. A great deal of time is spent recruiting congregants to fill these roles which are crucial to our worship service. Throughout the remaining months of this year, we are in need of Assisting Ministers, Ushers, Communion Assistants and Greeters. Trinity welcomes newcomers to each of these roles; so we don’t have to rely heavily on the same individuals. Please plan ahead. Guidance/Training for each role is provided. Prayerfully, ask yourself, “Is this something I can help with?” How do I get started? Email office@trinityfort.org or call the office at (920) 563-4145, ask for Wendy Chady.


“We are to serve our neighbors, the actual human beings whom God brings into our lives as we carry out our daily callings.” Martin Luther

Hiring Updates

HR Ministry Team: Pastor Amy, Erik Huth, Chris Cluver, Jeff Scheuerell, Shauna Wessley

A reminder that due to applicant interest, skill, and availability, the Music Director Position shifted into multiple smaller roles.

  • We’ve hired a new Worship Musician/Accompanist: Maggie Messler! Please welcome Maggie in her role when you see her.
  • We’re working with another Musician/Accompanist, Nichole, who is in an onboarding process at this time.
  • While we offered the roles of Music Communication and Small Group Ensemble Coordinator, the candidate declined the positions with regret because life changes quickly and the church moves slowly. The Music Communication role – scheduling, overseeing sanctuary technology and recording needs – will remain Pastor Amy’s duty in conjunction with the reformed Worship and Music Ministry Team.

We’ve shifted focus to the critical need of filling the position in the office. We’ll give an update when we know more.

We said thank you and farewell to Shauna Wessley as a member of the HR Ministry Team as she is now the Executive Director of the Fort Chamber. If you have a heart for the unique role of church staff, we’re looking for another team member.

Property Projects

  • Handicap Button on East Door Entrance: We’re waiting on an electrician to install the power to the device.
  • Wrought Iron Handrails: Out for sandblasting and powder coating.

If you can help with property projects, contact Sue Bradley or Kitty Sawyer via the church office at (920) 563-4145.

Finance Ministry Team

Your continued giving to Trinity makes ministry happen in our community.
Thank you for being generous in a time like this. Watch your mailbox in the
next month, the Finance Ministry Team will mail your pledges and year-to-date
giving along with your 2023 Offering Commitment form. The information you
provide helps us faithfully budget.