08/20/20 Tidings

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Dear Trinity,

Change is a funny thing. We all understand that change is inevitable, and we all understand that change is something that will intermittently come into our lives. We know that at some point there will be small changes that are easily manageable such as having to learn new skills at our job or replacing our car when it breaks down. We also know that at some point we will experience change that is much more profound in our lives.

The loss of a loved one, our firstborn going off to college, or divorce. We expect these changes and we know that the people around us will also experience these changes so we have a built-in support system for them. I remember bonding with other mothers as we mourned and equally celebrated our kids going off to college. His room was empty, and the house didn’t feel right. I remember being grateful that I had people to walk through it with me, some that had already experienced it.

But today is different. We are experiencing change at all levels. Our jobs are different, school is different, our society is different, we are in a pandemic, our social lives are different. Nearly every aspect of our life is experiencing some kind of change. And, we are all experiencing it at the same time! We can certainly commiserate with each other but we have no one that can say oh, I went through this already. I have advice for you. We are floundering about hoping that the world will just right itself. We are frustrated and lost and sometimes angry.

Many of have looked for guidance and support in places that have let us down. At a time when we should all be leaning on each other, it seems like the world is puling us apart. At this extraordinary time in our lives, it is more important than ever to remember who we are and whose we are. To remember to live in our faith and to understand that change can mean the death of some things as we know them but it can also mean rebirth and new perspectives and renewed relationships.

Joshua 1:9 : Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Let us look for courage and peace as we navigate our new world and always remember to see our neighbors as people also looking for courage and peace.

Kitty Sawyer

Back to school blessings

Quarters Can Make a Difference

How do the quarters grow?

Just as our gardens and our children/grandkids grow, so does our impact on student lives in Guatemala who are able to attend school because of our donations. In 2019, money raised from various gifts (including ours) funded 308 scholarships! This year, it’s been much more challenging for the women’s
cooperative called UPAVIM (a Spanish acronym meaning united for a better life). Craft sales which support the school itself are way down, and the women who make the crafts are not earning enough for their families’ needs.

Please bring your donations of change, cash or checks to every drive through communion! Thank you! Just an update. So far this year, we have raised $260. At this point last year, giving was $525. Our total gift for scholarships last year after the usual September increase was $1,200.

P.S. If you need a craft item or a gift, please contact Kay Falk. She has a great variety of items on hand and just ordered new items. One of them is similar to a glasses chain holder, but is designed to hold your face mask so it’s handy when you need to wear it, not lost in your purse, car, wherever. You can look at all the group has to offer at upavimcrafts.org.

Abundant garden

Council Candidates

Randy Recob

Randy RecobI’m a proud father of four beautiful children and a devoted husband who still can’t believe how blessed he was to find Julie (my wife) and somehow convince her to marry me 20 eventful years ago. I’m an engineer by day (working for the past 14 years at Subzero Appliance Group) and try to stay active in my free time, boating and watching kid’s sports in the summer and skiing and watching kid’s sports in the winter. I’m excited to think about the opportunity to serve on council and hope that you will find me able to the task. I’ve been a member at Trinity for the last 16 years and think that I can bring a unique perspective as we move forward into these challenging and ambiguous times.

Jill Henze

Jill HenzeJill Marie Henze lives in Fort Atkinson with her husband Chris and their three kids, Helena, Weston, and Griffin. She is the Manager of Major Projects at Spacesaver where she manages a group of 10 project managers, estimators, and CAD drafters. She is going on her 4th year of teaching Sunday school, teaching 2nd grade, kindergarten, and 4K. When she isn’t busy running her kids to basketball, baseball, and football, she enjoys camping with her family, reading, and doing any crafting projects she can think of. She is excited and honored to serve the congregation on the council and hopes to provide insight for all the busy families.

Maggie Messler

Maggie MesslerHello! My name is Maggie Messler. I have been a member of Trinity since shortly after we moved to Fort Atkinson 15 years ago. My husband Mike and I have 3 children: Anna (23) Ryan (16) and Aaron (13). I am a CPS social worker at Jefferson County Human Services and love my very rewarding and challenging work. Our family enjoys camping, boating, attending sporting events and spending time playing games with our family and friends.

When I have some time for myself, I love to read, play piano/sing and go to
the theater. Music has allowed me to serve Trinity in various ways over
the years, through Sunday school music, directing a youth choir, and
singing/playing with the band, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Trinity has
become part of our family and I’ve been proud of the compassion,
faithfulness and dedication this congregation has to God and sharing His
word. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve Trinity in another
capacity and look forward to working with this amazing group of people to
continue that work going forward.

Volunteers Needed

The School District of Fort Atkinson has reached out to us to become a Community Partner during a time of virtual school. Parents of school aged children are scrambling to find care for their kids during the day while
adults are at work. The district is looking for community partners that have potential spaces, to provide a safe place for students to work while still following COVID safety protocols (social distancing and masks). The Council
meets Tuesday and will decide if the church building will be used this way.

No matter what is decided, the District also needs adults that would agree to come and sit with the children as they learn. There would be no expectation for you to do any sort of teaching, as that will all be provided by the district. Instead, we simply need some willing adults to supervise students in safe spaces as they learn. And perhaps even play a fun game during their breaks. If you would be interested in helping with this partnership, please contact Sarah in the office, (920) 563-4145.

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heart chainHeart Chain

Thank you to Fran Frandson for sharing your Heart Chain Project with us. Every day, she adds a heart to the chain until we gather again for worship. It’s not too late to start your own Heart Chain Project!


Drive Through Communion

Sunday, 8/23 , 9 – 10 a.m. at Trinity!

Communion is a sacred gift to us from God. Jesus commanded that we “do this to remember” him and still serves as the host of this meal. Come. Receive this gift, be strengthened by the love and sacrifice of Jesus, be renewed. To prepare yourself for receiving communion, please worship online with us at 8 a.m.

Drive thru communion

  • Enter parking lot on Lincoln Street
  • Volunteers will direct you around the building
  • Roll down your window to receive communion
  • Gluten Free Wafers Available

Sunday School in a Bag

Sunday school in a bagTrinity Lutheran is offering families with students ages 4K-6th grade the opportunity to continue Sunday school lessons at home. We are calling it Sunday School in a Bag! Every 4 weeks a new Bible story will be featured, along with a bag of engaging activities to help families explore the story.

Go to trinityfort.org and look for “Register now for Sunday school in a bag!” A link will take you to the registration form. You will find several options to choose from; all options will be available simultaneously throughout this Sunday school season.

Families having questions about Sunday school are encouraged to contact Julie by calling Trinity, 920-563-4145.

LWR School Kits

Ruth Circle will be collecting school kits, supplies and or a monetary donation toward needed supplies again this year for LWR. We ask that if you feel comfortable shopping for the supplies that you would make a complete kit and bring to the church on drive thru communion Sundays or another day to be announced. Ruth Circle deeply appreciates your help in providing these much needed school kits. It has been a difficult year in every sense for our communities locally, nationally and globally.

School kitsSchool Kit Items:

  • 4-70 count spiral notebooks
  • 1 ruler with centimeters
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1 blunt scissors
  • 5 unsharpened pencils with erasers
  • 5 black or blue pens
  • 1 2 ½ inch eraser

Again thank you for your help.

Prayers Requested For . . .

Judy Almquist, Marsha Anderson, Sandy Anderson, Karen Butcher, Alberto Calderon Castro, Linda Doerr, Melissa Endl, Kim Hannan, Bob Kyle, Phyllis Lang, Steffani Liebel, Rick Liebel, Wanda Mello, Jane Milan, Dan Morrow, Pam Nicholas, Debbie Pierce, Tom Pomraning, Violet Prust, Paul Reed, Shelley Scheurm, Ruth Smithback, Donna Weeks, Aryzone Zick, Donald Zuehlke.

Do you have a prayer concern? Email the prayer force at prayerforcetlc@gmail.com. People will gladly pray for you or your loved one with their whole hearts!