06/23/22 Tidings

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In Memory of Evelyn McClain

Evelyn and I were strangers to each other. I had been asked to visit her in the assisted living facility she had recently moved into. Evelyn was past 90 years old when we met. She was usually propped up in a wheelchair when I came for visits. Evelyn had lived a lot of life, living in several states and outliving loved ones.

I quickly learned that familiar prayers like the Lord’s Prayer, statements of faith like the Apostles’ Creed and listening to hymns touched Evelyn deeply. At times she would shed a few tears and I gently asked if they were happy tears. She would nod yes. These words of faith were deep inside her. When she heard them, it touched her soul, and brought her joy and comfort. Our visits became a ritual of prayers, familiar Bible passages and listening to hymns.

Evelyn and I rarely had chatty conversations. I did not get to know much of her life story. What I learned was the value of familiar words of faith. These are the words that connect us to God and to each other at all stages of our earthly journey.

Evelyn’s obituary stated, “She will be truly missed by all who knew her.” I am honored to say that includes me.

Julie Vurva
Visitation Ministry

Big Faith Bible Camp

New Member Class

July 24 starting at 10:30 a.m. (approximately 60 minutes).
New Member Sunday will take place on July 31. This is a welcome of people who seek to join Trinity.

Calling All Creatives!

Join Pastor Amy for a brainstorming session for liturgical artwork in the Sanctuary. Think banners! Stained Glass! Wood Working! Your gifts can help enhance our worship life!
When: July 6 @ 2:30 p.m.
Where: Trinity Sanctuary
Who: Quilters, Woodworkers, Artists, Photographers, Crafters, anyone who is creative!

Food Needs are Ongoing

Our Little Pantry is visited daily and often is emptied each day. Most popular/needed are canned fruit, vegetables, pasta meals and soups with easy open lids. Tuna pouches, peanut butter, and other sources of protein are needed, too. Small cereal cups and boxes go fast too.

If you have extra large cereals, canned goods requiring a can opener, pasta sauce and boxed pasta, the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry can always use those items.

Place your items on the shelves by the parking lot door and volunteers will sort them and see they go to the appropriate place and on to those struggling for food.

Thank you so much!

Scholarship Fund Update

The quarter container for the UPAVIM scholarship donations has collected $180 as of June 15. Our goal is to meet last year’s total of just over $2,000. So, we need every quarter and dollar you can contribute to reach the goal by the end of September. Look for container on the table in the Narthex as you enter the sanctuary. (If you don’t see it, ask an usher to find it in the office.)

Remember that all you give goes directly to the organization run by the women in the cooperative – no overhead at all! And you can give through your envelopes and on Tithe.ly.

Please donate generously each time you come to worship. Even your loose change can make a big impact on young lives and help end the cycle of poverty they are born into.

Prayers Requested For . . .

Marv (Nicole Schafer’s dad), Ron Capek, Irving (Pearl Luebke’s son), Erin (granddaughter of Diane Rhuel’s friend).

Do you have a prayer concern? Email the prayer force at prayerforcetlc@gmail.com. People will gladly pray for you or your loved one with their whole hearts! Please indicate if you would like to be put on the all-church prayer list.

Tidings are sent out every two weeks. Any submissions for the Tidings need to be sent to the office by the Wednesday of Tidings weeks.