06/04/20 Tidings

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Dear Trinity,

Pastor Amy Waelchli
Pastor Amy Waelchli

It is hard to know exactly how to say what needs to be said. I’ve thought a lot and prayed a lot about our congregation, our nation, and our world during this pandemic.  I’ve cried a lot, too, for the sake of the world God so loves especially after the murder of George Floyd.

Kyrie Eleison! Lord have mercy!

During my first call, a colleague once said to me, “I have a joke for you but it’s a little bit racist.” Before he could continue, I replied, “No thanks. That’s not funny to me.” Things were never the same between us, but I confess, I wasn’t sad about it.  I was glad I’d been bold enough in the moment to respond.

During my second year in Whitewater, I was helping a parent organization with concessions at a football game. When the national anthem started playing, one mother declared, “I swear if any of those kids kneel, I’ll beat their *$#.” My face said it all, but to my shame, my voice did not.

Just two of many examples where I’ve had the opportunity to say something, do something, be something beyond myself. I know, my life has been an imperfect witness to God’s love for all people. But I plan to keep at it; I plan to get better with practice because I know I live with unearned privilege based on my skin color and my marriage to a man and my education and many other things I take for granted. From my privileged place, I plan to keep stating the bold truth that God loves ALL people and let the anger and arguments keep coming.

Anger and arguments are what happens when people are afraid. Anger happens when people just touch the Spirit of God and resist being swept up by it. The Holy Spirit is bigger than us, with depths unknown but including us in its power to transform the world. Our faith in Jesus must lead us to transformation or, I fear, we’re not truly engaged with Him. Jesus always beckons us to follow beyond our comfort zone and into the world for which He died. He is not partisan, but he is political. Jesus is an activist, a community organizer, an advocate who searches for the one who is lost. Jesus embodies God’s narrative of love.

Which can be hard to see because of violence and division. Perhaps instead of LOOKING for God’s love everywhere, its time for us to trust the truth: it IS everywhere. It’s time to declare it, be it, show it to others. Let us be love in the name of God for this world.

I pray that your heart will be transformed and your mind renewed. In the name of Jesus, we will change this world by being proof of His love for all people.

Grace + Peace

Pastor Amy

Drive Through Communion: Next Sunday, 6/14, 9 – 10 am at Trinity!

84 people received communion on 5/31. Tears were shed as the fast was broken. It was sacred and holy and decidedly different.

Communion is a sacred gift to us from God. Jesus commanded that we “do this to remember” him and still serves as the host of this meal. Come. Receive this gift, be strengthened by the love and sacrifice of Jesus, be renewed. To prepare yourself for receiving communion, please worship online with us at 8 am.

Pastor Amy and Pastor Dan will be stationed in the parking lot ready to distribute blessed elements of juice and wafer, the body and blood of Jesus. All you need to do is roll down your window!

  1. Even with mask and glove precautions, there is some element of risk to this. If you feel unwell or are hesitant in any way, please stay home. Jesus loves you!
  2. Enter the church parking lot of Lincoln Street and wrap around the building (arrows). Parking lot attendants will direct you to stations where Pastor Amy and Pastor Dan will pass communion to you through your window.

Please note: the church will be closed and bathrooms unavailable.

Gluten Free Wafers available on request

Yes! You can bring your offering to communion.

Yes! You can bring your quarters for Guatemala to communion.

Yes! You can bring your pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House to communion.

Tune in to worship this Sunday 6/7 for sermon delivered by Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop of the ELCA.

Beginning Sunday, June 14, we start a new worship series called Unraveled: Seeking God when our Plans Fall Apart.  Life doesn’t always go as planned—sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s painful.  Sometimes we need God to unravel us, for we long to be changed. This worship series explores 12 stories of unraveled shame, identity, fear, grief, dreams, and expectations. These are stories where God meets us in the spiraling, unraveling our plans—and us—into something new.

Study journals available at drive through communion and by appointment. Please contact the office for yours!

Please pray for Pastor Dan Dibbert and his family.  Dan’s mom Norma died on Tuesday 6/2/20.  If you would like to send a sympathy card please contact Beatrice for Pastor Dan’s address.


PRAYERS REQUESTED FOR….. Judy Almquist, Marsha Anderson, Sandy Anderson, Nick Bee, Linda Doerr, Kim Hannan, Renee Jensen, Ron Kemmerling, Bob Kyle, Phyllis Lang, Steffani Liebel, Rick Liebel, Dan Morrow, Pam Nicholas, Debbie Pierce, Tom Pomraning, Violet Prust, Paul Reed, Tim Sawyer, Denny Stark, Shelley Scheurm, Ruth Smithback, Karen Weber, Donna Weeks, Aryzone Zick, Donald Zuehlke and those we name silently in our hearts.

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